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7 Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Community

virtual tour of assisted living in dallas

When you’re looking at assisted living options for your loved one, you want to get all of the details you can. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, an assisted living tour is often a great idea. This can help answer your questions and give you a feel for day-to-day life at each location.

Many assisted living communities have paused in-person tours. But it’s likely you can still tour virtually. Use these seven tips to help you get the most out of your visit.

  1. Research the assisted living community and local area. Some of your questions may be answered with an online search. So, make sure you do your research before your visit. Families often like to read online reviews posted by current families. If you’re taking an assisted living tour at a community in a new neighborhood, research the amenities and safety of the local area too.  
  1. Prioritize your needs. Before your assisted living tour, talk through the care and services most needed. Not only share your priorities but also talk with your loved one about his or her wishes. You want to know what is most important to him or her. This conversation will help make sure everyone agrees on the features to look for as you take your tour.
  1. Bring a question list and take notes. In the days before your tour, start a question list. Some families already know several things they want to ask. Use your list during your tour and take notes as each question is answered. That way you can look back as you compare your options.
  1. Get opinions from current residents.  One of the best ways to get a feel for an assisted living community is to hear from those who live in it. If you’re taking a virtual tour, ask if they have comments or stories from current residents. In some cases, you may be able to talk with a resident or family member too. Use some of your biggest concerns or most important features to guide your conversation.
  1. Understand who will provide care. In addition to current residents, hearing from staff can help with your decision. If possible, talk with a staff member other than your tour guide. As you take your assisted living tour, get to know about the qualifications of the staff. Do they have specific training or education? How many staff members are there? How long have they been working there? This can give you a sense of the type and quality of care provided.
  1. Take note of safety throughout the tour. One of the biggest concerns for families of seniors is safety. Through each step of your tour, focus specifically on safety and security procedures. This can include how the community handles visitors, medications, or infection prevention. Make sure you know about the process for emergencies. Even more, look to see if the layout and staffing create a safe environment and prevent potential falls.
  1. Check in after the tour. Even after a great assisted living tour, it’s common to have a few more questions. Most tour guides will follow up with you after a visit. However, don’t hesitate to check back in too. If you think the community is a good fit, some families like to do another tour to confirm their choice. Then, you can make your assisted living decision with confidence.

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