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What’s The Best Age to Move into Independent Living?

Senior couple sitting in their home

It’s common for seniors to assume that the ideal time to move into a senior living community is when they need health care. But independent living can add vibrancy as well as security to your retirement years. If you’ve been pondering the best age to move into independent living, here are some questions to consider:

Are You Ready for Maintenance-Free Living?

You’ve probably been taking care of your home, lawn and meal preparation for decades. What if you let someone else shoulder those responsibilities? In an independent living community, grounds keeping, dining, maintenance and housekeeping are typically taken care of for you. With the hassles and chores of homeownership off your to-do list, you have more time to enjoy a carefree lifestyle, be with family and pursue your interests.

Do You Crave Connection with Others?

Humans are inherently social creatures, yet getting older can make it more difficult to maintain social connections. Social isolation in seniors has been linked to increased instances of stroke, dementia and heart disease. Independent living can offer a solution, because it’s easier to maintain a thriving social life in a community setting. New neighbors can become new friends, and personal connections with staff members provide a comforting sense of belonging.

Do You Enjoy an Active Lifestyle?

Senior living communities are brimming with opportunities to stay active and engaged. A variety of fitness classes for all levels make it easy to explore new ways to stay in shape. Games — anything from the classic bingo to new takes on team sports like chair volleyball — give you a chance to keep your competitive edge. Plus, the surrounding community may be a rich resource for entertainment, culture and dining. Explore on your own or on group excursions with fellow residents.

Is Lifelong Learning a Priority?

“We are hardwired with curiosity inside us,” writes Anne Lamott in “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope.” In a senior living community, your curiosity can run amok as you explore classes, clubs, and opportunities to pursue new interests and enjoy favorite hobbies. Nothing is mandatory, so you can participate as much or as little as you choose.

Do You Prefer to Have a Plan?

No one wants to think about possible health problems, but having a plan — just in case — can quiet nagging worries and give you peace of mind. Some independent living communities offer a continuum of care, so if you ever need extra help — like assistance with daily activities or support as you recover from surgery — the appropriate care is available.

Have You Looked into Independent Living at Monticello West?

Located near University Park and Highland Park in Park Cities, Texas, Monticello West is a homelike independent living community situated in a vibrant neighborhood near the Dallas Arts District.  Our residents enjoy the comforts of home, close connections with our team of professionals and the security of knowing that, if their healthcare needs change, higher levels of care are available. We offer assisted living, memory care, and, through our collaboration with Walnut Place, rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. So, if you’re wondering if you’re at the best age to move into independent living, contact us to find out more about Monticello West or to schedule a tour. We think you’ll like what you see.