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Common Worries About Your Parent Moving to Senior Living

Elderly couple embracing each other

Often, moving mom to a senior living community is as emotional for you as it is for your loved one. However, you don’t have to let worries and fears get in the way. Read through these common worries and refocus on the benefits of giving your parent the support needed.

He/She will miss her former place.

Any big life change – like moving to an independent or assisted living community – can be hard. However, these feelings typically subside quickly. While mom or dad has many great memories from his/her old home, he/she will be making new ones in the community. Plus, those who live in senior living communities typically feel safer and less isolated because they are getting the support they need. If mom or dad is having an especially hard time, talk with other residents or the staff members at the community. They may have suggestions to help your parent get connected.

He/She will lose her active lifestyle.

One of the great advantages of senior living is that you can choose a community that you’re your parent’s lifestyle. If you aren’t familiar with what senior living offers, you may have the misconception that mom or dad will have to stick to a rigid schedule or won’t have as much freedom. However, senior living communities actually provide many ways for mom to stay active and enjoy hobbies.

Communities also reduce the risk that mom or dad will feel isolated. According to the Health Resources & Services Administration, loneliness among seniors is an epidemic that negatively affects health. It’s likely that as mom or dad settles into the new community, you’ll notice it actually increases his/her independence and social connections.

His/Her care needs won’t be met.

It’s normal to worry about your parent’s care needs. After all, you want the best for your loved one.  Start by making a list of questions or care requirements that each community you visit must meet. If you’re unsure what to include, talk with your parent’s doctor for guidance.

Dad/Mom will run out of money.

One way to tackle fears about finances is to plan ahead. Start researching your options now. That way you’ll feel like you have a good picture of the costs of senior living versus staying at home. Be sure you understand any long-term care insurance or life insurance policies as well.

The move will make me feel guilty

Feelings of guilt may bubble up during a big change, especially if your parent is resistant to a move. To help reduce these feelings, focus on why you made this decision in the first place. You want mom to get the best care – and that’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s likely any feelings of guilt will subside once everyone adjusts to the new normal.

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