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Why Do I Feel Guilty About A Senior Living Community?

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It’s normal to have mixed emotions when you move your mom out of the family home. You know that you made the best decision for mom’s well-being. However, many caregivers experience moments of feeling guilty about a senior living community. If the following thoughts sound familiar, use these tips to focus on the positives.

I failed mom.

There’s no one way to take care of mom as she ages. Avoid comparing yourself to others and feeling like you failed because you made a different choice. Even if you planned to keep mom at home or wanted to stay her primary caregiver longer, things change. Then, you have to make the best choice you can in your new situation. Remember, your goal is to provide mom with the care she needs. If you decided senior living was the best way to reach that goal, then you haven’t failed.

I won’t spend enough time with her.

You may find that mom thrives in her new environment. While she may spend less time with you, she’ll be enjoying new activities and connecting with others. Instead of feeling guilty about the amount of time you’ll be losing, focus on the time you do have. Your connection with mom is special, and as long as you have meaningful moments together, the quantity of time isn’t as important.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I lose my patience.

Navigating life with your aging mom can be difficult. This is especially true if mom has dementia or other memory problems. And, no one is perfect. According to the AARP, negative feelings are a part of normal family life. Instead of feeling guilty, give yourself a break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you may need to take time away or find a trusted person who can listen. By taking care of yourself, you’ll be better able to take care of mom.

I don’t want her to feel abandoned.

It’s common to worry that mom will feel like you don’t care as much because you don’t live as close by. But, when you get mom the care she needs, you are not abandoning her. In fact, your ability to make hard decisions about her well-being actually shows how much you care. Instead, work out a regular schedule to visit and try to focus on the many benefits that come with living in a community.

As you and mom adjust to her new community, it’s likely that any feelings of guilt will slowly go away. At Monticello West, we’re here to guide you both through the transition to senior living and help you with feeling guilty about a senior living community. Learn more about independent living, assisted living or memory care and how we can make it as stress-free – and guilt-free – as possible.

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