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Monticello West Assisted Living Community’s Real Superheroes

February 16, 2021

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The term ‘superhero’ has certainly been bandied about over the past year. The definition refers to a ‘fictional’ character who possess extraordinary talents leading to amazing achievements. In truth, there’s nothing ‘fictional’ about today’s flesh and blood superheroes in senior living. Such is definitely the case at Monticello West assisted living in Dallas. The true superheroes of today are the staff members of retirement communities. They have shown courage and tremendous strength as they’ve swapped capes and spandex for scrubs and PPE. They save and enhance lives, show love and caring, protect independence and dignity and keep people cared for and engaged. While they don’t (literally) leap tall buildings in a single bound, they can apparently be two places at once…or so it seems to the people for whom they care.

The staff has always been the lifeblood of a retirement living community. Regardless of the building’s brick and mortar, upscale finishes, and square footage, the real value of a senior living community is provided through its caring and dedicated team of professionals.

This is especially true in assisted living and memory care, where the staff strikes a careful balance of providing assistance while maximizing independence.

Everyday responsibilities include assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), medication reminders, providing meals and housekeeping, making sure that residents are engaged, and overseeing their residents’ safety. During the pandemic, workers’ importance in senior living communities has grown exponentially, as they have had to step in and serve in additional roles.  Because loved ones could not visit in person, and activities became small group, socially distanced, and/or virtual, the staff has been responsible for adapting their skills accordingly.

What’s more, the staff members left their own homes, families, and pandemic challenges every day to come to their jobs, caring for and looking after the residents’ well-being.

The residents have counted on the staff for just about everything, and the staff has, in turn, delivered.

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