Dimensions of Wellness

Monticello West takes a proactive approach to resident health.  We have found it is essential for disease prevention and detection, as well as residents’ peace-of mind and independent.  Medical screenings and regular exams, along with the proper management and organization of health care needs, can lead to longs, healthier, happier lives for residents.

Optimal physical health is more than simply the absence of disease.  Positive lifestyle choices that benefit the body inside and out also factor into good health.  Remaining active, establishing a healthy diet , and avoiding harmful habits are key to not only preventing disease, but also to maintaining and improving health – even as a person ages.

The priority we place on health services set us apart from our competitors.  Monticello west promotes health services within our community and personally assists residents in handling special needs related to wellness.  Each month, we will host a lecture on health topics such as Fall Prevention, Common Health Issues, Vaccinations, etc.  If there is a particular topic you would like to learn more about, please let us know.