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Senior Living Community Turns Things Around During COVID-19

October 26, 2020

Nadine at Monticello West senior living community

It wasn’t originally his first choice, but it turned out to be his best choice. When Justin Short decided to move his beloved grandmother from her apartment in Brooklyn to an assisted living community closer to his home in Dallas, he did his research. In early July, his grandmother Nadine moved into a spacious one-bedroom apartment at Monticello West senior living community.

While growing up in NY, Justin was very close to his grandparents with whom he had spent a lot of time. His grandfather passed away in 2004, and Nadine had been living by herself in her home of 55 years.  Justin traveled back from Dallas to visit her as he was able. “We started talking about her not living alone anymore,” he said. “Recently, her age started catching up with her. She’s 97. Her vision is deteriorating, and there are fewer things she can do for herself. I stopped being able to travel to visit her when COVID started. It became obvious that we needed to make a change.”

Justin checked out some Dallas-area retirement communities. One, he said, was “brand new and super fancy. I took her there for a visit, and she didn’t like it. It was too flashy. That wasn’t what she wanted,” he said.  A friend had recommended a different community with a good reputation that Justin decided would work for her. “That community at the time, experienced their first case of COVID 19, and literally, the day before I went to get her in Brooklyn, it was locked down and therefore out of contention.”

Monticello West was the remaining possibility on his list.  “I’d heard good things, so that gave me the assurance to switch. I had a point of reference for the level and quality of services by word of mouth,” he said.

Ironically, Justin said, the fact that Monticello had experienced COVID early on gave him confidence. “In retrospect, it was serendipitous. Monticello had experience with COVID at the very beginning before anyone knew what was happening. They worked hard and got it under control and haven’t had any incidents of it since. Rather than causing me concern, this gave me a lot of confidence that they knew what they were doing.”

Justin was pleased to report that Nadine “loves the apartment. She’s very happy with it,” he said. She is living in her assisted living apartment with help with her medication as needed. With communal dining shut down because of COVID-19, meals are currently being delivered to the residents’ apartments. “She thinks the food is the best thing about Monticello. She thinks it’s incredible,” Justin said.

Justin is happy with the move that his grandmother made to Monticello West. “They’ve been extraordinarily accommodating and responsive, which is really reassuring to me,” he said. “The management and staff are great.”

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