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Aging Solo? Retirement Communities Are an Attractive Choice for Single Seniors

A senior man smiling for a photo at the beach

Where you live can greatly affect your day-to-day activities, social interactions and quality of life in retirement. Living at home can be socially isolating, especially for older adults living alone. That’s why being part of a senior living community is such a great move. A senior living community offers a built-in social network and plenty of opportunities to meet other single seniors who share your zest for life.

Solo aging can bring a unique set of opportunities and challenges for single seniors, but it’s a common experience, and you’re certainly not alone. According to the Pew Research Center, 27% of adults age 60 and older in the U.S. live alone, and this number is expected to rise. Although living on your own can be a big adjustment, there’s a lot you have to look forward to when you move to a senior living community!

Senior Living Is Ideal for Solo Aging

Whether you’re been single for most of your life or are newly single, being part of a retirement community can help you navigate the next steps with confidence. Let’s explore how senior living helps solo seniors flourish and live out their dream retirement:

Build a strong support system. Having strong social connections is especially important when you’re a single senior. Knowing you have people you can count on through the ups and downs of life is essential to your well-being. Building relationships is so much easier when you can connect with friendly people living right next door or just down the hall, where close friends often become more like family.

Broaden your social circle. Moving to a senior living community is one of the best ways to gain a wonderful new circle of friends. A community setting provides more opportunities for social interaction, friendships and fun. In a retirement community like Monticello West, you can choose from a full slate of community activities, classes and social events on campus. 

Discover a delightful dining experience. Dining with others in a restaurant-style venue provides healthy opportunities for social interaction. Whether you plan to dine with friends or grab a bite to eat on your own, you’ll make meaningful connections with other residents and staff while enjoying delicious food. You can focus on having energizing conversations rather than worrying about the work involved in meal planning and cooking at home.

Worry less with maintenance-free living. It’s common for couples to divide household chores based on strengths; however, if one spouse passes away, the other may be left feeling overwhelmed or unprepared to handle all the chores at home. That’s why senior living is so appealing for older adults who are single or widowed — and even for couples who want to be prepared for what could happen in the future. A maintenance-free lifestyle relieves stress by lifting the burdens of lawn mowing, housekeeping, meal preparation, home repairs and more.

Enjoy a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Want to visit your friends on the coast or hop on a cruise through Caribbean waters? You don’t have to worry about your place while you’re traveling. You can trust that your home will be taken care of whenever you’re away.

Be prepared for anything. Couples often rely on each other when one person experiences a decline in health, but if you’re single, you may have to face health challenges on your own in the future. This can be a troubling situation for some seniors, and it’s another reason why retirement communities are an excellent choice for all seniors, especially solo agers. If you ever need additional health services, a knowledgeable team can help evaluate your needs and navigate the next steps in senior care.

A Community Where Single Seniors Thrive

Discover the vibrant lifestyle waiting for you at Monticello West, where you’ll love the freedom of Independent Living and the perks of a maintenance-free lifestyle. We invite you to come see why our community is the perfect place to start your next chapter in solo aging. View our floor plans and contact us to schedule a tour or learn more about our one-bedroom and studio apartments. We look forward to meeting you!