COVID-19 Community Updates

Protecting Our Community

COVID-19 Response

At Monticello West, the health and well-being of residents and team members is our highest priority. We continue to take proper preventive and preparedness steps related to COVID-19.

For the latest details on how we’re handling COVID-19 at Monticello West, contact us using the contact form on this page or call us at 214-528-0660.

What is Monticello West doing to prepare for any incidence of COVID-19?

We know this disease most dramatically impacts older adults — the people we serve. We’ll continue to follow infection control guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as our local and state health agencies. As new information develops, we’ll continue coordinating with our pharmacy partners and local and state health authorities to provide additional information or updates directly to residents and employees. We continue to be steadfast in taking precautions to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19. LCS’s signature experience, EverSafe 360°, also demonstrates our passionate commitment to providing an industry-leading experience focused on enhancing the well-being, security and safety of residents and employees.

COVID-19 Actions:

  • With EverSafe 360° — the new standard of senior safety — we’re raising the bar to reimagine and innovate the way we live and work together, taking proactive measures to elevate the standard of safety for seniors.
  • Life Care Services established a Medical Advisory Board, which consists of a team of interdisciplinary experts, including physicians and scientists who specialize in epidemiology, mental health, infectious disease, and indoor air quality.
  • We’re connecting with our local and state health agencies on a regular basis.
  • Anyone who accesses our community, including all team members, are screened to inquire whether they have any symptoms or potential known exposures. They’re not allowed to enter if they answer yes to any of these questions.
  • We continue our focus on infection control and prevention, following CDC guidelines.
  • We continue to actively monitor and report respiratory illnesses across our organization.
  • We’re regularly sharing updated information on COVID-19 with our residents and others in the communities that we serve.
  • We have an emergency operation plan in place, should we need to implement it.

Through it all, we’ve focused on providing the experiences Life Care Services® communities are known for. We remain dedicated to serving our seniors, first and foremost, and we’ve adapted to the challenges in today’s world to ensure that never changes.

Rest assured, at Monticello West, Experience is Everything. We remain inspired by the many ways our community team ensures residents feel connected and cared for as we all learn to adjust to this “new normal.”

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