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Feeling Burnt Out? Assisted Living Communities Help Caregivers.

Assisted Living Helps Caregivers at Monticello West

There are many great reasons to choose assisted living for your loved one. And it may be the best choice for you as well. Assisted living communities help caregivers find relief from a common concern: burnout.

Caregiving is stressful, especially when it’s long term. So, if you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, getting help is essential. If these five concerns sound familiar, then you might learn more about how assisted living can benefit you both.

Discover how Monticello West assisted living community can help care for you and loved one.
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I’m worried about safety.

Maybe your home isn’t designed for mobility. Or, even more, maybe your loved one had a past accident or fall. Either way, you find yourself worried about what could happen. Safety concerns are a common source of stress when caring for a loved one. And this is with good reason. The National Council on Aging says ERs care for a senior adult every 11 seconds due to a fall.

One way assisted living helps caregivers is by relieving these worries. For example, you don’t have to worry about making changes to an existing home. You no longer worry about what happens if you aren’t there every moment of the day. Assisted living apartments are specifically designed for safety and security. And compassionate senior care help is nearby around the clock.

I don’t take time to care for my own needs.

When you focus on the health of your loved one, you put their needs first. As a result, it’s common for caregivers to forget about their own well-being. But, over time, this can lead to health issues for you.

Ongoing stress often leads to mental and physical symptoms. You’re at a higher risk for depression or anxiety. Stress is also a risk factor for chronic conditions like heart disease. Assisted living helps caregivers have time to meet their own needs. With your loved one’s health needs care for, you’re able to focus on your health as well.

Both my loved one and I feel isolated.

Many older adults feel lonely. And it’s common for caregivers to have these feelings too. Long-term caregiving can be isolating. You may find assisted living benefits you both by providing social connections.

Assisted living communities offer daily socialization for your loved one. It also gives you time to enjoy hobbies and friends outside of caregiving. This renewed sense of connection benefits you in many ways. It helps reduce stress. Even more, the CDC says it can lower your risk for long-term health issues.

I’m always focused on my role as a caregiver, not as family.

Have you noticed a change in the way you view your relationship? It’s easy to be defined by the role of caregiver. Many caregivers feel they no longer spend as much time just having fun with family. And this can go beyond the care recipient and caregiver. The Family Caregiver Alliance says it affects other family dynamics too. Siblings may find it hard to settle into new roles.

Assisted living may help you regain your role as family, instead of a caregiver. Specially trained care providers at assisted living communities can meet your loved one’s senior care needs. This means the time you spend together can focus on doing what you love. For many families, this renewed quality time is invaluable.

I spend a lot of time on daily health and household tasks. 

Caregiving is a non-stop job. First, you have a to-do list full of household tasks. Then, it’s likely you’re caring for your loved one’s personal needs too. Most caregivers also manage doctor’s visits, medications, and financial needs.

In some cases, a short period of respite care might help give you the break you need. But, if you’re having trouble keeping up with daily tasks, it may be time to find a long-term solution. Assisted living communities give caregivers help when they can no longer manage day-to-day needs. So take the time to learn about your senior care options. Assisted living is often the best choice for both your loved one’s needs and yours.

When you’re ready to learn more how Assisted Living communities help caregivers, Monticello West, Dallas, TX is here. See how we help your loved one keep independence while getting the care they need.