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How to Choose a Memory Care Facility With Confidence

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Choosing the right memory care facility for your loved one is a big decision. You want to find the community that best fits his or her needs. Whether you do a virtual tour or in-person visit, take the time to think through what features are important to you.

Many families like to make a list of must-have ahead of time. This can help you more easily compare options. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the most common things to look for as you compare memory care options.

Staff and Health Services

Supportive, trained staff can help your loved one thrive. Start by getting to know the types of staff in the memory care facility. And ask about how this team of caregivers works together to create a care plan specifically for your loved one. Above all, you want your loved one’s health care needs to be met by the location.

Some features you might compare in staffing and care include:

  • An assessment performed before moving that is used to guide care
  • Personalized care plans created for each resident
  • Multiple team members involved in providing a complete plan of care
  • Family involved in their loved one’s plan of care
  • Medical services, like lab tests or giving specialized medications, easily available on-site
  • A nurse on duty 24/7
  • Access to medical help on-site from a trained physician
  • Support for everyday tasks, such as grooming or getting dressed
  • Specialized care for conditions in addition to memory care, such as diabetes
  • Staff-to-resident ratio that allows for quality care

Safety Measures

Another feature of each facility to cover is safety. For example, the National Institute on Aging says many people with memory conditions have problems with wandering. So you’ll want to take note of how the facility keeps your loved one secure. Be sure to ask each memory care facility about processes designed to prevent wandering or accidents.

Some features you might compare in safety include:

  • Room features that help with stability, like grab bars
  • Keypads on door entries
  • Alarms on exits
  • Secured outdoor fences or courtyards
  • Around-the-clock supervision
  • Emergency processes and systems

Memory Care Cost

The cost of care is an important factor for families. But make sure you understand what is—and isn’t—included. Specifically, you want to focus on the value for your money. A memory care facility may have additional fees and charges on top of a monthly rate. In that case, the lowest-cost option may not truly provide the most value to your loved one.

Some features you might compare when it comes to finances include:

  • All-inclusive or flat-fee pricing
  • Fees for add-on services
  • Ability to lock in a price for the long-term

Therapies and Activities of Daily Living

Finally, you’ll want to get to know about the activities, therapies, and services provided at the memory care facility. These activities go beyond just meeting your loved one’s basic health needs. And they can benefit your loved one’s overall well-being. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association says staying active cognitively and socially benefits brain health.

Some features you might compare in the areas of therapies and activities include:

  • Use of art, music, or doll therapy
  • Therapies such as aromatherapy
  • Access to outdoor spaces for exercise and overall well-being
  • Pets allowed to visit
  • Multiple living rooms and dining rooms to help residents connect with those at a similar disease stage
  • Supplies available to support hobbies, such as painting or puzzles
  • Musical events and signing
  • Resources for sensory stimulation

Features Designed for Your Loved One

In the end, your family may want to add other must-haves to your list. You know your loved one’s needs best. So make sure the memory care facility provides care that feels right for them. With your list in hand, you’ll have the details you need to compare each memory care facility equally. Then, you can make your choice with confidence.

Monticello West has been the go-to memory care facility in Park Cities for over 30 years. We have the staff, services, and safety needed to provide warm, personalized care for your loved one. Learn more about our memory care services and set up a tour today.